Terms and Conditions

The 1300 RIDESHARE app uses the following information:

  • Your location is determined using GPS if it is turned on. This is used to allow you to book a taxi “here”. This GPS location data is also recorded with the booking details to allow us to monitor usage of the app.
  • The pick-up address you enter in the booking is recorded with the other booking details and sent to the driver.
  • The phone number you supply is also recorded with the booking and may be sent to the driver.
  • Your phone’s unique id is recorded with the booking. It is not normally used but may be used to block your device if it is suspected that false bookings are being made.
  • If you use the “send logs” option to report a fault or to give us feedback a few pieces of information about your phone are also sent. These include the model number of your phone and the software version number. The information recorded is held by – 1300 RIDESHARE PTY. LTD., Operating as “1300 RIDESHARE”. The SmartHail support team has access to the data for maintenance purposes only. Payment Services are provided by Stripe.com.au for relevant terms and conditions regarding Stripe’s payment systems please visit: https://stripe.com/au/privacy#1
Safety Is Our Number 1 Goal

The Safest Ride Share Company In North QLD

Safety is paramount to our success. We conduct rigorous safety and background checks and drivers are trained to deal with any and all incidents and issues. Whether you’re riding or driving with 1300 Rideshare, you can be assured of our safety practices. All vehicles are also equipped with advanced cameras.

1300 Rideshare Drivers Portal

Are You A Driver Of 1300 Rideshare? Login Here

Whether you are a new driver with 1300 Rideshare or an existing driver that has been with us for years. The driver portal is always open with resources on driver training and Cairns information to ensure passengers are getting a next level of service from the only locally owned ride share company in Cairns.