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We aim to deliver the best ride experience in Cairns and are constantly expanding, growing and need drivers in all areas at all times of the day.

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What we provide

  • All our vehicles available are licenced registered and maintained by 1300 Rideshare. This also includes Fuel costs.
  • Marketing and advertising done by 1300 RIDESHARE.
  • Local Support 24/7 when driving.
  • Full training & support to operate and use the in car despatch terminal /meter.
  • Bookings via App or call centre – NO HAILS.
  • Multiple in car payment methods using EFTPOS and account clients and option for clients to pay cash also.
  • Access to Airport pickup parking which allows you to park and greet passengers at terminal exit.
  • Pre-bookings – ability for your contacts to choose YOU as their driver when pre-booking.

What you need to know

  • You are self employed Just choose your own hours to suit availability of vehicles.
  • Cleaning and Care of the vehicle is your responsibility.
  • Increasing your business by marketing yourself and the business. We will support you and provide materials.
  • Your own driving licence requirements and currency of same.
  • Every day is different – could be trips to Kuranda Port Douglas and even Innisfail.
  • Opportunity to meet new people and build your own customer base.
  • Responsible for your own Income Tax and GST payable.
  • Opportunity to drive Bus – wheelchair and 5+ passengers.
  • Limited travel to get to work (subject to availability).

Become a driver

Thank you for your recent interest in becoming a driver for 1300 RIDESHARE.
If you DO NOT have a Driver Authorisation, we need to get a couple of things started before you can become a driver.

Step One

You will need to get a Driver’s Medical and apply for a Driver Authorisation (DA) BHTX. Drivers Medical forms part of the application form.
Once you have received the DA you will need to register for an ABN number and become GST registered. This is an ATO requirement. We provide Quarterly income statements to assist you.

Apply for a Driver AuthorisationRegister for an ABN

Step Two

Once you have a Driver Authorisation you will need to provide copies of the front and back of Driver Authorisation and your Driver’s Licence.

From here we will then send you some training information to get you started.

Step Three

Face to face training (approx. 3 hours)

  • Face to face training (approx. 3 hours)
  • How to use the dispatch terminal including
  • Accepting a job
  • Making a payment in car, via app and account clients
  • Complete weekly summary of fares In car training and practice using terminal

Submit your interest

Do you enjoy driving? Do you love Cairns and sharing your knowledge with others? We would love to hear from you!

Safety Is Our Number 1 Goal

The Safest Ride Share Company In North QLD

Safety is paramount to our success. We conduct rigorous safety and background checks and drivers are trained to deal with any and all incidents and issues. Whether you’re riding or driving with 1300 Rideshare, you can be assured of our safety practices. All vehicles are also equipped with advanced cameras.

1300 Rideshare Drivers Portal

Are You A Driver Of 1300 Rideshare? Login Here

Whether you are a new driver with 1300 Rideshare or an existing driver that has been with us for years. The driver portal is always open with resources on driver training and Cairns information to ensure passengers are getting a next level of service from the only locally owned ride share company in Cairns.